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The League of Women Voters is where hands-on work to safeguard democracy leads to civic improvement.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

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Voting Information

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Check your voter registration status or find your polling place, by visiting Indiana Voters or the Marion County Election Board's Voter Information Portal.

Indiana's Voter I.D. Requirements Indiana law requires all voters who vote in person to show a form of valid I.D. before signing the poll book. To be valid, identification cards MUST display: 1.) your photo, 2.) your name, which must conform to your voter registration record, 3.) an expiration date that is current or has expired AFTER the last general election (Nov. 6, 2012), and 4.) must be issued by the State of Indiana or U.S. government. College ID's from a state school that meet the above requirements are acceptable but IDs from a private school are not valid. If you do not possess a valid form of ID for voting purposes, the BMV is required to provide a card for FREE ... but only if you ask! To learn more on obtaining a free ID card, click here.

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Drawing a Line for Democracy: Legislative Update

Take Action on Redistricting Reform. Last fall the LWV of Indianapolis and Common Cause/Indiana partnered in a campaign to raise public awareness about the need for an independent redistricting commission. To raise awareness about this issue, a user-friendly resource guide was created.

Since that successful public education push, the Indiana House of Representatives has passed an redistricting reform bill (HB 1032). Far from perfect, there is still time to improve this bill ... if the Senate gives it adequate attention.

Please take a moment to read this article by Debbie Asberry, LWVIN Redistricting Task Force Chair, as well as these pieces in the IBJ and Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette. Then, contact you State Senator asking him/her to give redistricting reform a fair hearing.

You can also find the LWVIN position on redistricting here

Mass Transit: Legislative Update

Support Public Transit (SB 176)! The LWV of Indianapolis passed a resolution in 2011 in support of the use of a referendum to enable local funding of transit. Support mass transit efforts yourself by by contacting your elected officials in support of SB 176.

Our partners at the Indiana Citizen's Alliance for Transit remind us that, "...whether you're in Central Indiana or elsewhere in the state, your Senator is a Republican or Democrat and/or if you've contacted them many times before, contact them again by Tuesday, Feb. 4. We're not certain that we have the votes to keep this bill moving forward in the legislative process. If we don't make our collective voices heard now, we may not have another opportunity."

Education Policy Review

At the June 2013 Annual Meeting of the League of Women Voters of Indianapolis, members approved a committee to review current League positions (local, state, and national) on education issues and determine whether they adequately cover the League's current concerns on education matters.

When the committee began work in late summer, it started by gathering current information about K-12 public education in Indiana, especially about funding and recent alternatives to traditional public schools. Members of the committee studied numerous reports and websites and met with staff members of the Indiana Department of Education.

A preliminary report on their findings and a list of suggested resources can be found here and here.

Please check the Calendar of Events page to learn of any new study meetings you might like to attend -- new study members are always welcome!

Celebrate the LWV

90th Anniversary Proclamation. Click here to view the City-County Council's proclamation recognizing the LWV of Indianapolis!